Dementia Care


 When someone is diagnosed with dementia it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to turn. Our team and your family will create  care plan that is specific to your loved ones current abilities and stage of dementia. This dementia care plan can and will be modified as the disease progresses and skills change. Our goal is quality of life for you and your family, and we achieve this with a person-centered approach to care. 

The following are a few of challenges of living with dementia. Our caregivers are trained to assist with each of these issues.  

  •   Wandering
  •   Restlessness
  •   Difficulty with Eating
  •    Refusal to stop driving
  •   Incontinence 
  •   Refusal to Bathe
  • Inappropriate clothing  
  • Loneliness

Meals, Light Housekeeping & Laundry


  Healthy meals and a tidy  living environment contributes to both one’s physical and emotional well being.  Our service always includes light house keeping as well as meal preparation as required by your loved one. 

 Our caregivers can prepare meals, encourage eating, and provide companionship during mealtime that often results in improved eating habits. 

  • Adhering to dietary needs as ordered by a licensed health professional
  • Planning and preparing meals according to client preferences
  • Assisting with eating
  • Cleaning up afterward
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors
  • Changing bed and bath linens
  • Cleaning laundry and ironing
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Dusting furniture
  • Taking out trash

Personal Care


   Everyday activities you take for granted –such as bathing, eating, or dressing – may be too difficult for your aging parent or family member to perform on their own. To help your loved one live an independent life, Senior Life  can provide in home personal care. Beyond basic companionship and housekeeping, our  caregivers provide sensitive, confidential personal care services in a way that respects your loved one’s dignity and well-being. We will work with you to develop a customized  plan of care that meets your loved one’s needs with  following personal care services.

  • Safe bathing environment
  •  Assistance Bathing
  • Oral & Hair Care
  • Dressing & Grooming
  • Toileting 
  • Ambulation & Mobility assistance
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Hospice Support
  •  Complete Bed Bath 

Peace of Mind & Overnight Care


 Overnight care involves someone being there to help if a loved one needs fluids, snacks, or help using the restroom. It’s perfect for people who have trouble sleeping through the night or tend to wake up disoriented. With overnight care, a caregiver comes to the house to provide a care before bed and in the morning. In addition to providing homemaking and companionship services, overnight caregivers can provide a number of personal care services, including:

  • Bathing 
  • Skin Care
  • Dressing and Grooming
  •  Personal Hygiene 
  • Restroom Assistance
  • Reassusrance
  •  Medication Reminders 
  • Documentation

Transportation & Errands


 AARP list the following as  a few warning signs of unsafe driving :

  • Delayed response to unexpected situations
  • Becoming easily distracted while driving
  • Decrease in confidence while driving
  • Having difficulty moving into or maintaining the correct lane of traffic
  • Hitting curbs when making right turns or backing up
  • Getting scrapes or dents on car, garage or mailbox
  • Having frequent close calls
  • Driving too fast or too slow for road conditions

Giving up driving can be one of the most difficult decision a senior will ever make. The fear of the loss of freedom can be overwhelming.  Let us help your loved one maintain their sense of freedom.  Whether utilizing your vehicle or their own, our caregivers are all bonded and insured  good drivers. Capable of getting our clients where they need to go safely and securely.

Medication, Exercise and Treatment Reminders



 Managing medications can be one of the most challenging tasks for aging adults and their caregivers.  It is a complex process and oftentimes medications and quantities change.  It is critical that older adults take only the medications prescribed, exactly as prescribed and to have confirmation from their physician and pharmacist that there will not be potentially dangerous drug interactions and complications.  Senior Life Caregivers and Nurses are trained to assist your loved one in their medication management from simple reminder to having our RN setting up medication boxes. 

  • Medication Reminders
  • Medication Box Set up
  • Documentation 
  • Vitals signs 
  • Call for Refill
  • Pick up Refill